"The wall is working out very well. My neighbors have been home and I've heard only a door slam, once (and it may have been feeling vibration rather then hearing noise - I'm not sure). Anyway, the level of noise is greatly reduced and I am pleased with the result."

Robin Flaumenhaft



"The difference is significant and its worth the investment. The only noise I hear are the sirens, but even those are reduced by maybe 50%. They had told me that the high pitched noises like sirens would not totally be eliminated. Otherwise its extremely quiet and I sleep in peace."

Mike Lomenzo
Manhattan NY



"The treatments (in our studio) are working out great. We've recorded a few voice overs in the room already, and they sound terrific."

"Thank you for your hard work and expertise."

Pravin Chottera
Video Production Associate
Gramercy One
Manhattan NY



"Received the MLV today (Wednesday)! Many thanks for all of your help and expertise, as well as thanks to Anika for her professional courtesy in such quickfast delivery (was expecting it next week!)."

A toast to the professionals at CitySoundproofing, and here's looking forward to a "Qwyatt" and peaceful future with our product. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!"

Best regards,
Erika and Luis Reyes



"The place looks so great, and I hear a major difference in sound level. You did a terrific job, & please pass that on to Mason as well. The ceiling tiles in the living room frame the chandelier so well. My mother's doctor likes it so much, he wants to move in.

I will take some photos and send to you when the house is more together. We moved my mother into the bedroom today."

Thank you!
Eva Machauf



"Today I finally got the chance to really listen to music since the work was done. I expected that the acoustics of the room would be somewhat affected by the new wall, but WOW, I didn't expect it to make it better. Everything sounds very tight now, and I like it!"

"I am not imagining (hearing) things, am I? :)"




"I'd like to thank everyone at City Soundproofing for the fantastic job done on my bedroom ceiling. The noisy neighbors above kept me awake - pacing back and forth from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am in the morning. With the soundproofing, I hear nothing and can sleep blissfully. The quality of my life has changed life for the better since the installation of your system and I can't thank you enough."

"I have been sleeping VERY well indeed. I should have had this done sooner; kudos for a job well done and thanks to all."

Shirnette Nixon
Queens, New York



Thank you for the good work you did on soundproofing my apartment ceiling. The job has improved the situation markedly and we have been able to sleep well since you finished the job. I also want to commend you for your good-natured attentiveness during the process and for putting in the extra effort to ensure satisfying results, even when it increased your workload and costs. Lastly, thanks for finishing the job close to budget.

Bob Morris
New York, NY



So far, we have noticed a significant improvement. The room itself is far less resonant so it's quieter within our condo. They had a group over late Fri night and there was no significant noise audible in our bedroom.

The treatment definitely seems to work. Thanks for checking back!

Jim & Barbara